The N.A.Apostolou  Public Limited Technical Company, specializes in building construction projects,restoration works (churches,renovations and structural enforcement after earthquake on fire) and regenerations projects.
Nicolas Apostolou is a graduate from the N.T.V.A. He a civil engineer acting as president and C.E.O of this company.   He specializes in the areas mentioned above since 1982.  The company  has its headquarters in  Athens at 75 Themistokleous street.
Private property owners building projects for sale                                                       
1. Three residential units in Loutraki,Korinthos.                                                            
Villas of 150 sq.m.,90 sq.m and 75sq.m.on private land property of 1500 sq.m. At 70 P''nikolaou street 300m fron the sea. 
2. Residential property in kifissia Residential property of 90 sq.m. On Parou street.
Management of rental properties                                                                             
1. Listed building from the 1820s with the annex building ownership of N.Apostolou.
Two story building with tiled roof,a basement and an attic on a private property of 280 sq.m. In the city centre of Athens.
It is located at 11 Akadimou street which is in a pedestrian zone next to the “Apo Mehanis”theatre, opposite the “Metaxourgeio”theatre and 40 m from Avthi Square.
Construction projects for the Greek Government.
1. Restoration of buildings “Κ.Α.Π.Α.Ψ.”Under the management of the municipality of the City of Athens.
Located on Lampsa, X”konstanti,Trifillias and Lampsa, near the nursing home.The project involves the renovations of six buildings. Five of them are a single level building with tiled roof and a two levell building.The total area is 1300 sq.m.